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Evaluation of wheeled vehicles

Evaluation of wheeled vehicles

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Valuation of vehicles is carried out in the manner prescribed by the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the State Property Fund of Ukraine "On approval of the Methodology of commodity examination and evaluation of wheeled vehicles".


The main issues to be addressed in the assessment of vehicles:

  • determination of the market value of vehicles, their components in case of alienation;
  • determining the starting price of vehicles for sale at auction or by tender;
  • determining the value of the vehicle as collateral;
  • determination of the value of the vehicle as part of the property of individuals for its declaration;
  • determining the cost of vehicles for insurance by individuals and legal entities;
  • determination of material damages caused to the owner in case of damage to the vehicle;
  • determination of the cost of repair of the vehicle;
  • determining the value of the vehicle for resolving property disputes;
  • determination of the value of arrested, confiscated or declared homeless vehicles, their components in case of forced sale;
  • determination of the value of the vehicle, its components imported into the customs territory of Ukraine;
  • determining the value of a separate vehicle as part of fixed assets of legal entities;
  • in other cases, in the case of determining the value of a separate vehicle to establish the amount of mandatory payments to the budget;
  • determination of the year of manufacture of the vehicle and its components;
  • determination of the completeness and completeness of the vehicle in accordance with the regulatory and technical documentation of its manufacturer;
  • determination of the type, model, version of the vehicle;
  • establishment of type, power and working volume of the engine, type of a body, other technical indicators of the vehicle;
  • classification of the vehicle (its components) according to the Ukrainian classification of goods of foreign economic activity.



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