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Evaluation of vessels

Evaluation of vessels

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Vessel, abbreviated as "floating means" - a self-propelled or non-self-propelled floating structure used for the carriage of goods, luggage and mail, passengers, fishing or other sea or river fishing, rescuing people, towing other floating objects, military, hydraulic, scientific , educational, sports, entertainment purposes and operated in the aquatic environment.


Types of vessels we evaluate::

  • vessels (sea, river, mixed navigation);
  • pushers, tugs, barges;
  • cargo, passenger ships;
  • dry cargo, tankers, mixed type;
  • tonnage and non-traditional high-speed (hovercraft, hydrofoil, high-speed catamarans, screen planes, speedboats);
  • container vessels, ferries;
  • landing stages, mooring pontoons, floating hotels;
  • floating cranes;
  • dredgers;
  • fishing vessels;
  • traveling boats;
  • racks (landing stages, mooring pontoons, floating hotels);
  • yachts;
  • motor boats;
  • hydrocycles.


Assessment of sea and river vessels, as a rule, is carried out at:

  • carrying out operations of purchase - sale of the vessel;
  • pledge of the vessel as security for the borrower's obligations;
  • objective reflection of the value of the vessel in the financial statements.


What is needed to evaluate a vessel?

  • the act of acceptance of the vessel into operation;
  • vessel form (passport);
  • certificate of fitness for swimming;
  • classification certificate;
  • certificate of prevention of pollution by oil, sewage and garbage;
  • the only book of reviews;
  • forms and passports of ship mechanisms and equipment;
  • machine log.



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