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Land valuation

Estimation of land plots

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The Law of Ukraine "On Land Valuation" (hereinafter – the Law) stipulates that monetary valuation of land plots, depending on the purpose and procedure, is divided into two types: normative and expert.

Normative assessment of land is carried out to determine the amount of land tax, state duty on mines, inheritance (except for cases of inheritance by the heirs of the first and second priority by law) (both cases of inheritance by law and cases of inheritance by will) and as well as cases of inheritance of property, the value of which is taxed at zero rate) and donation of land in accordance with the law, rent for land of state and communal property, loss of agricultural and forestry production, the value of land over 50 hectares for outdoor sports and sports health facilities, as well as in the development of indicators and mechanisms for economic incentives for the rational use and protection of land.

According to the results of the normative monetary assessment of the land of the settlement, technical documentation is drawn up, which is approved by the village, settlement, city council. Data on the normative monetary valuation of a separate land plot are issued as an extract from the technical documentation on the normative monetary valuation of land.

Extract from the technical documentation on the normative monetary assessment of the land plot citizens can receive exclusively through the Centers for Administrative Services (ASCs), which are established under local state administrations and local self-government bodies.

The normative monetary valuation of the land plot is based on rent income. For a simplified understanding, rent income is money that can be helped from the most effective use of the land plot for its intended purpose. For a land plot of agricultural land outside the settlement, this income will be determined as a result of the sale of grain grown on the land plot for a certain period of time. This also takes into account the quality of the soil that covers such a land plot.

Within the settlement, the normative monetary valuation of the land plot is calculated on 1 sq. m. The calculation depends on many factors, including:

  • functional use of the land plot;
  • location of the land plot;
  • soil quality;
  • environmental situation;
  • other factors.

Each year, the regulatory monetary valuation is subject to mandatory indexation, taking into account last year's inflation. The State Geocadastre of Ukraine and its local subdivisions are responsible for indexing the normative monetary assessment, which must index the normative monetary assessment to be provided to interested persons (tax, citizens, organizations) by January 15 of each year.

Expert evaluation of land plots and rights to them is carried out in order to determine the value of the valuation object. This type of monetary valuation is used in the implementation of civil law agreements on land plots and their rights. According to the results of expert monetary assessment of land plots, an expert report is prepared.


Objects of land valuation

Objects of land valuation are: the territory of administrative-territorial units or their parts, the territory of valuation districts and zones, land plots or their parts or a set of land plots and rights to them, including land shares (units), within the territory of Ukraine.


Types of land valuation

Depending on the purpose and methods of land valuation is divided into the following types:

  • grading of soils;
  • economic evaluation of lands;
  • monetary valuation of land.

Soil grading data are an integral part of the state land cadastre and are the basis for economic assessment of agricultural land and are taken into account in determining the ecological suitability of soils for growing crops, as well as losses of agricultural and forestry production.

Data on economic valuation of land are the basis for conducting regulatory monetary valuation of land, analysis of land use efficiency compared to other natural resources and determining the economic suitability of agricultural land for growing crops.

Our Expert-Advisory Center is the subject of valuation activities in the field of monetary land valuation and the developer of technical documentation for land valuation.




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