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Evaluation of construction works

Evaluation of construction works

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Estimation of land plots

Evaluation of buildings, apartments

Valuation of movable property

Valuation of objects in intangible form

Valuation of intellectual property rights

Assessment of integral property complexes

Evaluation of vessels

Evaluation of aircraft

Evaluation of machinery and equipment

Evaluation of wheeled vehicles




Construction is a complex process that involves the constant interaction of the developer, contractor, investor, regulators and others. Each stage of construction from the design, approval, verification, construction work and direct commissioning of the facility is associated with significant risks, including financial, which can be identified after a comprehensive analysis of design estimates and the fact of verification of construction work .

Expert assessment of construction costs and assessment of the quality of construction works are necessary not only in the case of estimating the cost of planned construction work on a commercial or residential real estate, but also when buying an unfinished or industrial or civil building, a building that is put into operation, etc. Evaluation of construction works will allow to accurately determine both the cost of construction work and the cost of repairs at the site, the cost of construction in general, as well as to obtain a detailed study of the parameters of construction materials in accordance with building codes and requirements, depending on region.

As part of the assessment of construction work, our Expert-Advisoty Center carries out:
  • determining the value of the object at all stages of construction;
  • analysis of design and estimate documentation;
  • analysis of compliance with all legal norms in the construction and commissioning of facilities;
  • analysis of parameters of used building materials;
  • determination of the degree of construction readiness of objects of unfinished construction;
  • investment assessment of construction objects of any complexity and completion;
  • risk minimization and optimization of construction processes in general.

In accordance with the current legal framework for property valuation, the Appraiser has the right to use the design and estimate documentation during the appraisal. In the National Standard for Assessment №1 such a possibility is provided for in paragraph 26 and paragraphs 8, 10. In fact, the design and estimate documentation combines a large number of documents that accompany the construction site from the project stage to the commissioning stage. To use any information from the array of design and estimate documentation, to address issues of determining the cost of construction or application of the method of unit indicators, to address the typicality of the object, etc., you need to evaluate the design and estimate documentation, which will find the necessary information.





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