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Evaluation of aircraft

Evaluation of aircraft

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Aircraft is the common name for all flying devices that are capable of flying within or outside Earth's atmosphere. Aircraft include: gyrodyne(helicopters, cyclogyro (cyclocopters), seaplanes), hang-gliders, paragliders, airplanes, gliders, airships (dirigible balloons), baloons (aeronautics), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) etcetera.

In addition to a holistic assessment of the aircraft, the specialists of our Center can evaluate individual parts (power plant, engine, gearbox, rotors, etc.).


In which cases is it necessary to evaluate aircraft?

First of all, when concluding purchase and sale agreements for air transport. Also, an estimate of the cost of the aircraft is required when renting or pledging.

You also need to know the exact market value of the aircraft when it is included in the authorized capital of the enterprise, to determine the amount to compensate for damages, as well as for insurance.

During the assessment of aircraft, assessment experts take into account a number of specific requirements: airworthiness, technical characteristics, compliance with the established level of safety throughout the life of the aircraft, and so on.


Evaluation of air vehicles is carried out:

  • in the framework of the assessment of the integral property complex or property complex;
  • when making management decisions;
  • obtaining a loan secured by property;
  • when insuring;
  • when applying for accounting, revaluation in order to reflect in accounting and financial reporting;
  • to determine the amount of damage;
  • to determine the initial cost at auction;
  • in case of liquidation and utilization of vessels due to impossibility or inexpediency of their further operation for the previous purpose.


Required documents for the assessment:

  • full name of the object, serial number, board number;
  • enterprise - manufacturer;
  • dates of release and commissioning;
  • object owner;
  • full and residual book value (if the owner of the object is a legal entity);
  • dates and essence of modernizations (repairs) - if carried out;
  • acts of technical condition;
  • assigned (estimated) resource;
  • residual resource;
  • data on manufacturer's guarantees;
  • intensity of operation of the object;
  • type of operation of the object;
  • features of object use;
  • basic flight characteristics (load capacity, speed, range, etc.);
  • characteristics that determine the main operating costs (type of fuel used, fuel consumption, number of crew members);
  • a brief description of the conditions of storage and maintenance of the object;
  • passport and customer identification number;
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs;
  • certificate from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (USREOU).



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