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Evaluation examination


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Estimation of land plots

Evaluation of buildings, apartments

Evaluation of construction works

Valuation of movable property

Valuation of objects in intangible form

Valuation of intellectual property rights

Assessment of integral property complexes

Evaluation of vessels

Evaluation of aircraft

Evaluation of machinery and equipment

Evaluation of wheeled vehicles



Valuation examination - one of the types of examination, which is conducted to determine the objective market value of property, including land, intangible assets, integral property complexes, houses, buildings, apartments, vehicles, shipping units, aircraft, etc. for the possibility of buying, selling, exchanging, distributing and other types of transactions with property and monetary assets.

Carrying out an appraisal examination is a mandatory component in the implementation of operations of sale, creation, reorganization or closure of the object, as well as the need to obtain reliable data on the financial condition of the enterprise. Valuation expertise can also be performed to determine the value of intellectual property products, trademarks, valuation of cultural property, etc.

Evaluation examination may be performed at the request of an individual, and may also be appointed by courts and pre-trial investigation bodies to obtain factual information on the evidence base. The result of the expert evaluation is an evaluation report, which is an official document of evidentiary value, meets the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine and has full legal force, respectively, is accepted as evidence by all arbitral tribunals, including foreign ones. The appraisal report prepared by the specialists of the Center of Forensic Examination will allow you to be sure of the protection of your property interests within the framework of the action (transaction) that is planned with any property.

The appraisal examination is also carried out in the case of obtaining a loan, which provides for the presence of collateral, insurance and the provision of services for the lease of the appraisal object. The appraisal examination is also used when it is necessary to obtain information on the amount of losses, which allows to obtain insurance indemnity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Western Ukrainian Expert Advisory Center is a competent professional structure for providing services in the field of appraisal in Ukraine and abroad, in the arsenal of which there are all the means to conduct quality and complete expert research in the appraisal of property.


Expert-Advisory Center of Forensic Examination provides a full range of services for assessment:


Property valuation can be carried out in the following cases:

  • by court decision or resolution;
  • in the implementation of real estate purchase and sale agreements;
  • to determine the collateral value for lending;
  • for insurance, renting;
  • for the purposes of taxation, accounting;
  • when dividing property between co-owners;
  • in determining the amount of material damage to property caused by flooding, fire, other insurance cases;
  • in other cases.



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