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Union of Experts of Ukraine

The Western Ukrainian Expert Advisory Center is a regional branch of the Union of Experts of Ukraine.

The Union of Experts of Ukraine was established on June 21, 1997 by the minutes of the Constituent Congress of Judicial Experts of Ukraine in Slavyanogorsk, Donetsk region. The Congress was attended by 87 people from 12 regions of Ukraine. By the order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 775 of April 26, 2002, the Union of Experts of Ukraine was recognized as a self-regulatory organization of appraisers.

Today, the Union of Experts of Ukraine is a public organization that unites highly qualified experts who have been certified by the Central Expert Qualification Commission of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and entered in the state register of forensic experts and the state register of appraisers. The organization has more than five hundred specialists, the vast majority of whom are specialists in the field of transport assessment and determination of the value of material damage caused to the owners of damaged vehicles.

Branches of the Union of Experts of Ukraine have been established in each region of the country, which makes it possible to quickly and effectively disseminate best practices in Ukraine. At least twice a year, the Union of Experts of Ukraine conducts seminars on professional development, working in close contact with research institutes of forensic science. Currently, work is underway to develop common principles in the country in the field of motor vehicle evaluation, the Union of Experts of Ukraine is a leading organization in this area.

Today we can say unequivocally that thanks to the Union of Experts of Ukraine all members of the Union have the full right to engage in their professional activities, their interests are protected by representatives of the Union of Experts of Ukraine in the Supervisory Board on appraisal in Ukraine. responsibilities cannot be resolved without the participation of members of the Union of Experts of Ukraine, represented in the Examination and Qualification Commission on evaluation activities. All documents in the country that relate to some extent to the forensic examination are prepared and agreed with the participation of the Union of Experts of Ukraine and taking into account the interests of its members.

The field of activity of our specialists - expert opinions on the decision of judicial and investigative bodies, assessment of mortgaged property, expert opinions for insurance companies.

The main purpose of the UEU is to ensure and protect the legitimate social, economic, creative and other common interests of its members.

The main task of the Union of Experts of Ukraine is:

  • promoting the formation and development of a civilized market for expert research in Ukraine, expanding domestic and international experience in this field;
  • ensuring the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of its members and their interaction with public authorities.

To carry out its statutory tasks, the Union of Experts of Ukraine in the manner prescribed by law:

  • develops and implements projects and programs of its activity;
  • prepares and submits to public authorities proposals to improve the current legislation on forensic science;
  • contributes to the training of experts;
  • cooperates with scientific institutions on the development of unified methodological manuals for all types of forensic examination;
  • by analyzing the Ukrainian and foreign markets collects information and creates a special database to provide information assistance to members of the Union in their professional activities;
  • liaises between all structural units of the Union and its members;
  • provides its members with periodic information about the market of expert research in Ukraine;
  • disseminates information about the activities of the Union among the population, the scientific community, enterprises, organizations, institutions;
  • holds conferences, liaises with other professional associations (notaries, lawyers, auditors, entrepreneurs, etc.);
  • studies the international experience of experts, maintains relations with professional associations of other countries;
  • participates in international conferences, symposia on the examination and implementation of the consequences of creative (intellectual) activities and mutual exchange of knowledge and experience in this field;
  • in order to protect the legitimate interests of its members, represents them in state bodies and courts;
  • advises its members on financial and economic activities and current legislation of Ukraine;
  • carries out the necessary economic and other commercial activities by creating self-supporting institutions and organizations with the status of a legal entity, the establishment of enterprises;
  • receives from public authorities and local governments information necessary for the implementation of its statutory goals and objectives;
  • ideologically, organizationally and materially supports other associations of citizens, provides assistance in their creation if it does not contradict the Statute and the Program of the UEU.

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