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Conducting lectures and seminars for lawyers, judges and investigators

The Center, as a subject of forensic activity, conducts open lectures and seminars for specialists on general topics of forensic expertise.

Forensic expertise - a section of general expertise, which develops recommendations for the implementation of expert activities in criminal and civil proceedings.

Experts of the Center conduct open lectures, seminars, discussions on the following issues: construction and technical examinations, land and technical examinations, economic examinations and other types of examinations in procedural and non-procedural form. Conducting lectures is a public activity of the Center, is carried out on the basis of publicity, openness, competence of the lecturer and professional knowledge of the participants of such classes for discussions and debates on relevant topics.
If you are interested in participating and are a knowledgeable person - a judge, lawyer or investigator, subscribe to the news and receive an automatic notification about the topic, date and venue of the open lecture or seminar.
Take a note, that all lectures and seminars are held only in the native Ukrainian language, but all those wishing to participate can be present at the discussion.

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