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Topographic surveys

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Topographic, geodetic and cartographic works

Construction and development of survey (geodetic) networks

Cadastral surveys

Geodetic works

Creating cadastral maps and plans




Topographic survey (topographic survey) — a set of works on the creation of topographic maps or terrain plans by measuring distances, heights, angles, etc. using various tools (ground survey), as well as obtaining images of the earth's surface from aircraft (aerial photography).

Ground surveys are planned, high-altitude and combined. The result of planned surveys is a topographic map, but without taking into account the terrain, ie only the situation (set of objects of the area). High-altitude shooting reflects the characteristics of the terrain. Combined shooting is a combination of high-altitude and planned. All elements of the situation of the area, existing buildings, landscaping, underground and ground communications, as well as the terrain are subject to survey and reflection on topographic plans.

Topographic surveying, in particular large-scale, is an important type of geodetic work. Needs for it arise in the case of creating or updating topographic maps, drawing up master plans, working drawings, solving vertical planning and landscaping. Based on topographic surveys, you can build a digital terrain model.

Topographic work has become much easier with the advent of special geodetic GPS receivers connected to a computer and synchronized with each other via a radio channel.


Topographic survey takes place in several stages:

  • stage of field work;
  • stage of in-house works;
  • preparation of a technical report.


At the stage of field work, the area is surveyed, the area is surveyed with the help of an electronic total station, the underground communications are identified and inspected, and the survey results are tied to points State Geodetic Network of Ukraine.

During the in-house works, the land surveyor uses the results obtained by the surveyors to develop a plan with the application on the plan of all identified during the topographic survey of land.

Compilation of a technical report is the final stage of topographic and geodetic works. It should be noted here only that such a report is needed by urban planning and architecture. After approval by the city planning and architecture authorities of the results of the topographic survey, the latter can be used for the development of construction projects.


Why do you need a topographic survey?

Surveys carried out by specialists provide reliable and complete information that can be used for the design of residential, industrial or infrastructural facilities, capital construction and reconstruction, construction of roads and communications or other needs.

Errors made during field surveys or the processing of their results can lead to serious problems during construction work. Therefore, topographic surveying for landscaping or construction should be entrusted only to proven companies that have specialists with appropriate qualifications and experience.


Western Ukrainian Expert Advisory Center professional surveyors perform:

  • topographic survey of the area in the scale of 1: 500 - 1: 5000 with drawing up plans in digital or paper form for obtaining permits for construction, connection to communications, as well as design, construction or reconstruction of facilities;
  • drawing red lines - conditional boundaries separating the area from the territories where construction and excavation works are prohibited;
  • preparation of a technical report;
  • aerial photography (obtaining images of the earth's surface from aircraft).

* aerial photography is performed in accordance with the requirements of current regulations on aerial photography, as well as the provisions of the Instruction and documents relating to photographic works when creating topographic plans and maps.



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