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Creating cadastral maps and plans

Creating cadastral maps and plans

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Topographic, geodetic and cartographic works

Construction and development of survey (geodetic) networks

Cadastral surveys

Topographic surveys

Geodetic works




Cadastral plan of the land plotis cartographic materials on which the following information is displayed:

  • land area;

  • external boundaries of the land plot (indicating the adjacent land plots, their owners, users of adjacent land plots of state or communal property);

  • coordinates of turning points of the land plot;

  • linear measurements between the turning points of the boundaries of the land;

  • cadastral number of the land plot, cadastral numbers of adjacent land plots (if available);

  • boundaries of land plots, boundaries of parts of land plots covered by restrictions on the use of land plots, sublease rights;

  • easements, contours of real estate located on the land.


The cadastral plan must contain tables indicating the coordinates of all turning points of the land, the list of land, their area, information about the purpose of the land and the developer of land management documentation for the land

When forming a land plot, the cadastral plan is compiled in both paper and electronic (digital) form.

The cadastral plan of the land plot is an integral part of the land management documentation.



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