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Construction and development of survey networks

Construction and development of survey (geodetic) networks

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Topographic, geodetic and cartographic works

Cadastral surveys

Topographic surveys

Geodetic works

Creating cadastral maps and plans



Geodetic network - a network of points fixed on the earth's surface, the position of which is determined in a common system of geodetic coordinates.

Points are fixed on the ground with geodetic signs. Planned coordinates of points of geodetic networks are determined by methods of triangulationtrilaterationpolygonometry and their combination, and the position of points by height - by methods of geometric or trigonometric levelling. The geodetic network serves as a basis for the performance of geodetic, topographic, geological exploration and surveying works.

The surveying geodetic network is created in order to condense the geodetic plan and height base to a density that ensures the performance of topographic surveying.

The density and location of the survey base points is determined by reconnaissance depending on the technology of work, which is determined in compliance with the Instructions for topographic survey in the scales of 1: 5000, 1: 2000, 1: 1000 and 1: 500.

The survey network is developed from the points of state geodetic networks, bit networks of thickening and technical levelling.

The points of the survey network are determined by the construction of the survey triangulation networks, the laying of theodolite and mensule courses, direct, inverted and combined serifs.


Development of shooting networks by theodolite courses

The development of survey networks by theodolite courses to create topographic plans on a scale of 1: 5000, 1: 2000, 1: 1000, 1: 500 can be performed:

- laying theodolite courses using theodolites, measuring tapes and tape measures;

- laying theodolite courses using optical theodolites, light rangefinders and electronic total stations.



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