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Cadastral surveys

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Topographic, geodetic and cartographic works

Construction and development of survey (geodetic) networks

Topographic surveys

Geodetic works

Creating cadastral maps and plans





Cadastral surveys — a set of works aimed at studying the necessary topographic elements of the area on geodetic network (including land boundaries, land users with their names, quantitative and qualitative indicators) and applying them to the tablet to create plans and maps that form the basis for various cadastres.


Cadastral survey includes:

  • geodetic establishment of land plot boundaries;
  • coordination of the boundaries of the land plot with adjacent owners and land users;
  • restoration of the boundaries of the land plot on the ground;
  • establishing the boundaries of parts of the land plot that contain encumbrances and restrictions on land use;
  • preparation of a cadastral plan.


Cadastral survey data is one of the bases for drawing up a cadastral plan of a land plot during the development of any type of land management documentation, be it a land management project for land allotment, change of land purpose, crop rotation project, working project for removal, relocation and storage of fertile layer of soil or technical documentation for establishing the boundaries of the land.

Cadastral survey is performed by a certified surveying engineer using special devices (total station, RTK GNSS-system). Cadastral survey data must be linked to the points of the State Geodetic Network of Ukraine. During the cadastral survey, the meter stores data that is then used by the land surveyor during the development of land management documentation.



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