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Making exchange files in XML

Making exchange files in XML

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XML file (exchange file) is an information carrier - an electronic document of a unified form for information exchange, which is used in maintaining the Land Book and the book of records of registration of state acts on land ownership and permanent use of land, land lease agreements in electronic form, state land cadastre and implementation of topographic and geodetic works, land management works.

The entry of information about the land plot into the State Land Cadastre is carried out, in particular, by submitting an exchange file (electronic document) in XML format to the cadastral registrar. The exchange file is created by a certified land surveyor and must be certified by the electronic digital signature of the latter.


The content, structure and technical characteristics of the exchange file must meet the requirements of the Procedure for maintaining the State Land Cadastre, approved by Resolution № 1051 of 17.10.2012 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


Some cases in which the development of an XML exchange file is required:

  • initial registration of the land plot in the DZK (initial assignment, division, association, assignment of the cadastral number to the land plot);
  • entering data on the land plot, which was previously assigned a cadastral number, but which is not in the public cadastral map;
  • correction of errors in the data on the land plot (area, purpose, data on the owner / user, location / address of the land plot);
  • some cases of removal of the overlay with other land plots, change of configuration and / or actual location of the plot on the ground.


The initial data is necessary for formation of the XML file:

  1. A copy of the state act on the right of ownership of the land plot or the land lease agreement;
  2. Copy of passport data and identification code (for individuals); copy of registration certificate, charter (for legal entity);
  3. Conclusion on existing restrictions and encumbrances on the use of land (if any).



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