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Land Inventory of all categories

Land Inventory of all categories

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Preparation of technical documentation

Preparation of land management projects

Establishing the boundaries of administrative-territorial entities

Drawing up schemes for land management

Checking soil surveys

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Land inventory is carried out in order to establish the location of land management facilities, their boundaries, size, legal status, identification of land that is not used, used irrationally or not for its intended purpose, detection and conservation of degraded agricultural land and contaminated land, establishing quantitative and qualitative characteristics of lands required for the maintenance of the State Land Cadastre, state control over the use and protection of lands and the adoption of appropriate decisions on their basis by the executive authorities and local governments.

If during the inventory of lands of state and communal ownership of lands not classified in one or another category, such lands are assigned to the appropriate category by executive authorities or local governments on the basis of relevant land management documentation, agreed and approved by law.

The procedure for conducting a land inventory is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Inventory of the array of agricultural lands is carried out with the following features:

a) the basis for the inventory of agricultural land is:

  • for state-owned lands - the decision of the executive body authorized to dispose of the land plot;
  • in other cases - the decision of the village, settlement, city council, on the territory of which the array is located;

b) when conducting an inventory of the array of agricultural land, measures are taken to:

  • entering into the State Land Cadastre information about the formed land plots, information about which is not entered into the State Land Cadastre;
  • formation of unclaimed (unallocated) land plots;
  • formation of agricultural land plots under field roads;
  • formation of agricultural land plots under field protective forest strips and other protective plantings, which limit the massif and land plots located along the massif.

According to the results of the inventory of agricultural land, information about such land and about land plots located in it (in case of their formation or in the absence of information about them in the State Land Cadastre) are entered into the State Land Cadastre, about which the customer informs owners and users of land plots.

Our Center carries out inventory of lands of all categories:

a) agricultural land;

b) land for housing and public buildings;

c) lands of nature reserves and other nature protection purposes;

d) health-improving lands;

e) recreational lands;

f) lands of historical and cultural purpose;

g) forestry lands;

h) water fund lands;

i) land for industry, transport, communications, energy, defense and other purposes;

j) land of reserve, reserve fund and common use.




Terms of service

The term of the inventory of lands of the category is assigned individually, depending on the purpose, scope of research and current workload of specialists.

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