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The cost of repairing equipment

Determination of the cost of equipment repair

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Determining the cost of goods, equipment

Determination of quality indicators and characteristics of goods, equipment

Examination of household appliances

Examination of raw materials

Determination of the amount of material damage due to flooding and fire



If the equipment was damaged due to the fault of another person, you have the right to compensation for damages, the amount of which can be determined by conducting a commodity examination. During such an examination, the cost of repairing damaged equipment is calculated, ie the amount of money needed to restore its original functions, eliminate breakdowns and repair damage is determined.

Ukrainian law enshrines the right of the victim to claim compensation for damage to his property. Compensation is paid regardless of whether the damage was intentional or negligent.

Compensation for damages in court is possible only after documentary confirmation of the fact of damage and determination of the amount of damage by conducting an expert (independent) assessment.

Determining the cost of equipment repair is one of the services provided by our Center. Our specialists will accurately determine the amount of damage to your property, using special assessment techniques and appropriate programs. This takes into account both direct and indirect losses, as well as factors that affect the cost of equipment.

The expert opinion on determining the cost of equipment repair, which is issued to the customer, has the status of an official document of evidentiary value and can be used in court. The acts of examinations, drawn up as a result of their conduct, relating to the determination of the cost of repair of equipment, are accepted as evidence by all arbitral tribunals, including foreign ones.


As a general rule, the examination should be carried out at the expense of the seller / manufacturer.

If the results of the examination show that the defect is the fault of the manufacturer or seller and it can be eliminated, the consumer may require the seller:

  • reduction of equipment prices;
  • free repairs;
  • reimbursement of expenses for elimination of shortcomings (defects) of the equipment.


If the examination establishes that the defect in the equipment arose through the fault of the manufacturer or seller and can not be eliminated, the consumer has the right to demand:

  • termination of the contract of sale and refund of the amount paid for the equipment;
  • replacement of equipment with the same equipment or similar of proper quality, from those available from the seller.


However, if the examination reveals that the defects arose after the transfer of equipment to the consumer due to violation of the rules of use, storage or transportation, or due to the actions of third parties, the consumer will have to reimburse the seller for the examination of products.



Stages of expert research:

  • receipt of the application to our expert institution;
  • concluding a contract, invoicing for examination and its payment;
  • examination of the object of research and formation of conclusions.


Stages of forensic examination:

  • filing a petition to the court for the appointment of a forensic examination;
  • making a decision on the appointment of a forensic examination;
  • receipt of materials and object of research to the expert institution;
  • invoicing for the cost of forensic examination and its payment;
  • conducting research and drawing conclusions;
  • sending the results of forensic examination to the court.





Terms of service

The approximate terms are:

  • for forensic examinations - 60 days;
  • for expert research - 10 days.

The exact terms will be calculated at the time of order, taking into account the scope of the study and the current workload of specialists within the limits provided for paragraph 1.13. Section I "Instructions on the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations and expert research", approved by the Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 08.10.1998 № 53/5.

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