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Determination indicators of quality and characteristics of the product

Determination of quality indicators and characteristics of goods, equipment

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Determining the cost of goods, equipment

Examination of household appliances

Examination of raw materials

Determination of the amount of material damage due to flooding and fire

Determination of the cost of equipment repair




Product quality is a set of its properties and characteristics that give it the ability to meet the stipulated or anticipated needs of the buyer. Quality does not include all the properties of the product, but only those related to meeting specific needs in accordance with the purpose of the product. In addition to consumer properties, quality includes other properties of the product that meet the needs of designers, manufacturers, workers in the field of circulation related to the product.

An important task of commodity expertise is to reveal as fully as possible the properties inherent in the product, which form its quality. These properties can be manifested at all stages of the product life cycle. The quality of a product cannot be explained and measured in isolation from its consumer value and usefulness.

An indicator of product quality is a quantitative characteristic of one or more properties of a product that constitute its quality. The quality indicator quantitatively characterizes the degree of suitability of the product to meet certain needs. The nomenclature of quality indicators of a particular product depends on its purpose. For goods that perform several different functions, the range of indicators can be very wide, and for single-purpose goods, it will be significantly narrowed.

Detection of defects in household appliances, equipment, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, assumptions about damage to things during various activities require detailed research to determine the nature of the defect (production, operation, etc.). Examination of the damaged item will allow to identify such defects and, accordingly, to help in compensating for the damages.

If you find yourself in a similar situation as a seller or buyer, first of all we advise you to read the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection".


How to start the procedure of product examination?

To begin the procedure of examination to determine the quality of goods, you must contact the seller. To confirm the fact of purchase, order of goods (services), the expert must provide a settlement document:

  • receipt;
  • commodity or cash receipt;
  • coupon;
  • contract.

If the product has a warranty period, it can be a warranty card, technical passport or other document that replaces it, with a note on the date of purchase of the product (service).

To conduct an examination of products to determine the presence of defects and the causes of their occurrence, it is necessary to provide the expert with the following documents (information):

  • a document confirming the fact of purchase of goods (provision of services);
  • technical information about the product (passport, specification, operating instructions);
  • description of detected defects;

* the list is not exhaustive.


Today it is convenient to buy or order goods via the Internet, but the buyer in this case does not have a contract of sale in paper form. In this case, it should be noted that the contract for the purchase of goods was concluded at a distance through the means of remote communication, namely - through information networks, the Internet, and to confirm this fact must provide a receipt for payment.

However, if the above documents are lost by the buyer or were not obtained when buying the goods, the law does not prohibit proving the fact of sale with the help of witnesses.
After receiving the claim and the consent of the buyer (consumer of services), the seller must arrange an examination of the product.

* it should be noted that the conclusion of the examination in this situation can not be considered the conclusion (act) of the service center, which is engaged in repair and / or warranty service of the goods.


As a general rule, the examination should be carried out at the expense of the seller / manufacturer.

If the results of the examination show that the defect is the fault of the manufacturer or seller and it can be eliminated, the consumer may require the seller:

  • reduction of the price of the goods;
  • free repairs;
  • reimbursement of expenses for elimination of defects (defects) of the goods.


If the examination establishes that the defect in the product occurred through the fault of the manufacturer or seller and can not be eliminated or the elimination of this defect requires more than 14 days, or after eliminating the defect the product will be significantly different from the accompanying documents, the consumer has the right to demand:

  • termination of the contract of sale and refund of the amount paid for the goods;
  • replacement of the goods with the same goods or similar ones of proper quality, from those available at the seller.


However, if the examination reveals that the defects arose after the transfer of the goods to the consumer due to violation of the rules of use, storage or transportation, or due to the actions of third parties, the consumer will have to reimburse the seller for the examination of products.

It is also worth noting that according to paragraph 3 of Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection", requirements for the presence of a defect in the goods may be at the choice of the consumer to the seller at the place of purchase, the manufacturer, or the company that meets these requirements at the location of the consumer.


If the seller refuses to organize a product examination, the consumer can apply to our expert institution at his own request. Or first go to court, where it is necessary to require a forensic examination.


Forensic experts of our expert institution carry out commodity examination to determine the causes of loss of product quality.

Indicative list of issues to be addressed (click to open)

Indicative list of issues to be addressed - Close

  • What is the cost of research objects both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad?
  • What is the name and purpose of the goods?
  • Do the labeling data correspond to the actual product characteristics of the product?
  • Does the quality of the product meet the requirements of standards, technical conditions, provided to the samples by organoleptic parameters?
  • What are the defects of a particular product? Are these defects significant? Is it possible to sell (operate) the product in the presence of detected defects?
  • What are the conditions of acceptance, storage and release of goods?
  • Are the markings and packaging of the goods done correctly? Does the labeling and packaging of the product meet the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation or samples?
  • Which company and when manufactured the goods (subject to the availability of labeling information or relevant supporting documents)?
  • What are the characteristics of the product according to the Ukrainian classifier of goods for foreign economic activity?
  • What is the amount of material damage caused to the property owner as a result of damage to this property (in case of fire, flooding, etc.)?
  • What is the market value of grain (legumes) as of the date of the contract (as of the current date), taking into account its quality indicators?


Stages of expert research:

  • receipt of the application to the expert institution;
  • concluding a contract, invoicing for examination and its payment;
  • examination of the object of research and formation of conclusions


Stages of forensic examination:

  • filing a petition to the court for the appointment of a forensic examination;
  • making a decision on the appointment of a forensic examination;
  • receipt of materials and object of research to the expert institution;
  • invoicing for the cost of forensic examination and its payment;
  • conducting research and drawing conclusions;
  • sending the results of forensic examination to the court.


Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the defects of the object of study ____ (make, model, color) _____, serial number _______________, are these defects significant?
  • What are the causes of the detected defects?
  • Is it possible to sell / operate / the product in the presence of detected defects.
  • What is the market value of the new object of study ____ (make, model, color) ____, serial number ______________ as of ________?

* the list of questions and their content are indicative.


Terms of service

The approximate terms are:

  • for forensic examinations - 60 days;
  • for expert research - 10 days.

The exact terms will be calculated at the time of order, taking into account the scope of the study and the current workload of specialists within the limits provided for paragraph 1.13. Section I "Instructions on the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations and expert research", approved by the Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 08.10.1998 № 53/5.

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