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Examination of agricultural machinery

Examination of agricultural machinery

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Determining the market value of vehicles

Determining the cost of repairing the vehicle

Assessment of material damage after an accident

Research of a technical condition of vehicle

Determination of the utilization cost of the vehicle


The objects of research in the examination of agricultural machinery may be tractors, combines, trucks and cars, presses, pick-ups, trailers, loaders, excavators, other agricultural equipment and their components.

What document will be obtained as a result?

The conclusion of expert auto-commodity research or the conclusion of the expert (if judicial examination was carried out) is provided. When conducting a forensic examination, the requirements of procedural legislation regarding the signature on criminal liability and instructions on information about court proceedings are also taken into account.

What is the procedure, how to order?

For expert examination and forensic examination (at the request of the party to the case)

1) Provide us with data for the study (by filling out the form on the website or in person at the branch or send by e-mail).
2) Get a package of documents to order a study.
3) Sign the application, contract, make payment in full (in the office or remotely).
4) Agree on the date and time of inspection of the object of study.
5) After review and preparation of the conclusion to receive result of research.

For forensic examination (appointed by the court)

1) File a petition for the appointment of an examination.
2) Get a court decision on the appointment of automotive expertise to the experts of our organization.
3) After receiving the materials, we receive an invoice to pay for the study and make payment in full.
4) Provide the car for inspection.
5) After review and preparation of the conclusion the result of research will be sent to court where you will be able to get acquainted with it.

What documents (information) are required for the order?

1) A copy of the certificate of registration of equipment (the original must be provided during the inspection);
2) A copy of the passport or passport data of the customer for the contract;
3) Company details, information about signatories (for legal entities);
4) The date of the accident or the date on which it is necessary to make an estimate.

You may also need other documents (information) depending on the specific circumstances of your situation and the issues planned for the study.

What questions can be asked when filing a petition in court?

Below we offer a standard question. If necessary, it can be changed, or additional questions can be asked depending on the specific situation.

What is the cost of material damage caused to the owner of a tractor brand _________, registration number: ________, damaged in an accident ________?

What is the market value of the _________ tractor, registration number: ________?


Terms of service

The approximate terms are:

  • for forensic examinations - 60 days;
  • for expert research - 10 days.

The exact terms will be calculated at the time of order, taking into account the scope of the study and the current workload of specialists within the limits provided for paragraph 1.13. Section I "Instructions on the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations and expert research", approved by the Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 08.10.1998 № 53/5.

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У разі потреби виклик зацікавлених осіб на технічний огляд об'єктів дослідження здійснюється замовником експертизи із зазначенням дати, місця та часу проведення огляду (після їх узгодження з експертом).

Орган (особа), який (яка) призначив(ла) експертизу (залучив(ла) експерта), повинен(на) забезпечити можливість огляду об'єкта (об'єктів) дослідження та належні безпечні умови (освітлення, вільний доступ, можливість огляду КТЗ з різних боків тощо).

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