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Disposal cost of the vehicle

Determination of the utilization cost of the vehicle

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Determining the market value of vehicles

Determining the cost of repairing the vehicle

Assessment of material damage after an accident

Research of a technical condition of vehicle

Examination of agricultural machinery




The utilization value of the vehicle is defined as the amount of money that is expected to be received from the sale of unusable for the direct functional purpose of the vehicle for the alternative use of its serviceable and serviceable components.

Even when disposing of the vehicle, some units, assemblies, parts that are in good condition and have a price remain suitable for further operation and can be dismantled and sold for further operation.

It follows that the cost of serviceable residues is the real price of the car in a damaged form, taking into account the details that can be realized taking into account the cost of their dismantling, storage and sale. According to paragraph 7.20 of the Methodology of commodity examination and evaluation of wheeled vehicles "the cost of technically serviceable components is determined on the basis of the results of their diagnosis at a specialized car service company for this model of vehicle, and if necessary - defects."

Damaged cars in an accident and parts that cannot be sold are subject to calculation as scrap metal (disposal cost).


Terms of service

The approximate terms are:

  • for forensic examinations - 60 days;
  • for expert research - 10 days.

The exact terms will be calculated at the time of order, taking into account the scope of the study and the current workload of specialists within the limits provided for paragraph 1.13. Section I "Instructions on the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations and expert research", approved by the Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 08.10.1998 № 53/5.

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